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Perhaps the last Cunard Line brochure to be issued before the merger with White Star.  This brochure is dated April 1934, the lines would officially merge one month later!  Obviously huge amounts of brochures were produced by Cunard, this one is special in my mind because it is a glimpse… read more ›

The Rising Tide! Without question, one of the finest brochures Cunard produced after the war.  They finally got a clue that they needed to showcase how fun it was to be on a crossing.  Dated 1965.  Filled with full-color photos with amazing, dramatic images that you won’t find anywhere else. … read more ›

I say this from time to time about various pieces and always mean it when I do, and this time is no different.  This might just be the best brochure Cunard ever did post war.  Full-color first-class brochure, covering the entire fleet at its height.  Dates to the high tide… read more ›

Colorful foldout brochure for Cunard White Star’s cruises in 1935.  What ship would you have chosen?  Homeric, Doric, Aquitania, or Lancastria?  “A more thrilling program than ever!”  Fantastic condition and really grand cover art.

The mid 1950s were, in my opinion, not the best time for Cunard’s advertising department.  The artwork, brochures, flyers, posters, even the passenger lists are relatively bland.  Then they hit upon what might be the best travel ad campaign in history.  1954 saw the introduction of   “Getting There is Half… read more ›

Interesting 24-page brochure for Cunard’s second-class service circa 1924.  The entire fleet is covered with the Mauretania, Berengaria, Aquitania, and the new Carinthia getting top billing.  Some particularly fine shots for the Mauretania.  All the images are full page, and most are not seen elsewhere.  Cunard, like all the lines,… read more ›

Glossy full-color brochure for Cunard’s tourist-class (third class) transatlantic service.  Dates to the early 1960s.  In excellent condition and filled with some really fascinating images of the ships both on board and off.

A rare cruise staff pin from the Cunard Anchor Line.  Dates to before 1935, which is when Cunard allowed the Anchor Line to go into liquidation.  This was worn by members of the ship’s cruise staff during holiday cruises.  Super rare!  Measures just over .75″ in diameter and in fantastic… read more ›

Wonderful ashtray dating to the 1950’s and often referred to as the “toilet” ashtray because of its shape.  Excellent condition with just the tiniest fleabite in the black section of the rim and a touch of scuffing.  This style of ashtray was introduced on board the Queen Mary at the… read more ›

The Christmas issue for December, 1921, of the Cunard Magazine.  Fascinating news about the goings-on of the company with much info including the conversion of the big ships to oil and the construction of the new liners Andania and Laconia.  The big article is on the Cunard War Memorial, having… read more ›

Want to own stock in a defunct corporation?  Now is your chance with this decorative bit of Cunard history.  A nice round 100 share certificate issued in 1949.  These shares were sold in 1962 with the death of their owner as mentioned on the back.  Cunard ceased to be a… read more ›

Rare gold-leafed invitation to attend the launch of the Saxonia in 1954.  Lady Churchill famously launched this, the first of Cunard’s Canadian ships for 30 years.  This got you in the yard and invited to the VIP luncheon after the ceremony.  In excellent condition.

Gold-leafed lunch menu for VIP’s invited to the launch of the first of the 1950’s Canadian quartet.  Lady Churchill, wife of the prime minister, did the honors.  Includes a nice toast list as well.  In very good condition with one slight bend at the bottom corner.

It might not be well known that Cunard’s Saxonia class of ships, the first of which entered service in 1954, was, for the most part, tourist-class vessels.  Style is subjective; so buy these cards and decide for yourself if Cunard got the decoration right!  Five real-photo cards of her tourist-class… read more ›

Cunard’s Saxonia of 1900.  She was one of the largest liners in the world when built but was rapidly eclipsed by development in steamship size and eventually wound up on the 3rd class trade to Hungary.  This lovely photo of her is taken just before WWI in Liverpool.  Note the… read more ›

Exceptional photo of the Cunard liner Scythia docked in Boston.  She was built in 1874 and scrapped in 1899.  Interestingly, her mizzen mast was of wood to avoid compass interference.  The photo measures 10″ x 8″ and is in excellent condition.  Stamped on the back “Society for the Preservation of… read more ›

A travel reviewer from 1958 had this to say about Scythia: “Elderly, poky relic…which is gasping her last as a Cunarder.  Scheduled to be scrapped any month now, and let’s hope it’s soon.” I have been wanting to use that review of her for months.  Now I get my chance. … read more ›

Heavy copper engraving plate made by Cunard White Star to print the announcements for the occasion of what was almost certainly Scythia’s maiden arrival in NYC after World War II in January, 1951.  Measures about 3½“ x 4 ¼ “.

Large size brochure for the brand new ss Scythia, ss Samaria, and ss Laconia.  Cunard called them “Ships of the Future!”  Doubtless hyperbole but necessary additions to the fleet depleted by 22 ships lost in WWI.  Great cover art on this uncommon brochure.  In excellent condition.

Full-color coded deck plan for first class.  Very detailed down tot he placement of furniture on board.  Deck plan includes five full-color photos of the interiors and a color exterior rendering.  When opened, measures about 44″ x 8.75″.  Great condition.

Set of three real-photo postcards for the Sylvania.  One exterior of her at sea and two interiors.  Two are unused, and the one showing the tourist restaurant is written on and posted with a postmark of 5 May 1958.  All are in great condition.

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