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First-, second-, and third-class plan for the Colombo.  12 photographs, both on board and exterior.  Ship’s particulars in Italian and English.  Measures 32″ x 29″. Various dates.  By this time, she had been repainted with… read more ›

I have never had another one of these.  I am not even sure what it is.  A wine bottle coaster?  Got any suggestions?  What makes it interesting is that it’s NGI and thus predates the… read more ›

One doesn’t often run across cool on-board souvenirs from the famous Italian liner Rex.  Dates to the 1930s and likely awarded to a lucky passenger for winning some on-board game on her famous Lido Deck. … read more ›

Very nice pin dish for the Italian Line during the 1950s on the “Sunny Southern Route.”  Measures about 5.5″ x 5.5″.  No chips, cracks, or crazing.

Glossy deck plan in Italian and English dated January, 1962.  Getting late for this famed and long lived liner.  Seven photos.  Very interesting photo showing the pre-war first-class dining room still intact.  Compare this to… read more ›