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One of the best brochures ever done for this famous (and ill-fated) Italian liner.  Mostly covers first class but also shows renderings of second class.  Lots of color renderings of her interiors.  The Andrea Doria… read more ›

Unusual diamond-shaped ashtray for Italia dated 7-1937.  Made by Richard Ginori with a pre-war Savoy crown.  In great condition with no chips, cracks, or crazing.  Some loss of gold around top edge.

Built in 1953 for the Asian service of Lloyd Triestino, the Asia and her sister Victoria were two of the prettiest colonial-service liners built by the Italians.  This tissue deck plan for the Asia, dated… read more ›

Dating from 1956, this brochure is one I haven’t seen before.  Covering all 3 classes and boasting of the ship’s amenities, including “40 air conditioning systems”.  Folds open to 18″ x 25″.  Mint condition.

Pre-war and highly sought-after fine-bone china crescent dish.  Date marked “3-39” (March, 1939).  In the very late 1930’s Italian Line china was ordered in mass in an effort to consolidate the logos and patterns used… read more ›

Side plate in the orange-rope pattern.  Measures about 6½” in diameter.  Made by Ginori.  Very good condition with some slight signs of use.

Beautiful Italian Line pre-war side plate measuring 7¾” in diameter.  Complete with Savoy crown.  Made by Ginori and date marked “38-12” (December, 1938.)  Shows the typical utensil marks.  No chips, cracks, or crazing.

Near mint condition color foldout brochure for the stunning Cristoforo Colombo.  You all know she was the sister to Andrea Doria.  Both ships were amazing inside with impressive mid-century modern interiors.  She is listed as… read more ›

Very nice full-color brochure for the Cristoforo Colombo.  What’s interesting about brochures that were produced after the Andrea Doria sank is that the Italian Line continued to use photos of the Doria in their brochures…. read more ›

First-, second-, and third-class plan for the Colombo.  12 photographs, both on board and exterior.  Ship’s particulars in Italian and English.  Measures 32″ x 29″. Various dates.  By this time, she had been repainted with… read more ›

Cute post-war sherry glass, standing 2½” tall.  Near-mint condition.  Four available.  I quite like the subtle hint of angles at the bottom of the glass giving it all the pattern it needed.

Built in 1952 for the African service of Lloyd Triestino, the Europa and her sister Africa were two of the prettiest colonial-service liners built by the Italians.  This tissue deck plan for the Europa, dated… read more ›

Full-color glossy brochure for Home Line’s new Homeric.  14 page with 28 full-color photos.  Built in 1931 as Matson’s Mariposa, she was laid up after the war and finally purchased by Home Lines and entered… read more ›

Press photo of a single first-class cabin on board the brand-new Leonardo da Vinci.  What an extremely inviting room.  Stamped on the back: “t/n Leonardo da Vinci, Foto E. Binelli, Neg. No 12223. Cabin singola… read more ›

Press photo of a single first-class cabin on board the brand-new Leonardo da Vinci.  Don’t you wish all single cabins thees days looked like this?  Stamped on the back: “t/n Leonardo da Vinci, Foto E…. read more ›

Lloyd Triestino brochure for the motor vessels Australia, Oceania, and Neptunia.  Dated 1955 so prime time for this storied line.  In fact, these beautiful ships were only 4 years old.  Runs 20 pages and stuffed… read more ›

“Placing Tourist Travel on a Pedestal.”  The newly formed Italian Line produced this brochure in 1933, the deepest part of the depression.  Thus, like all lines, they were heavily pushing their second-class service.  In this… read more ›

Bold celluloid pinback for the impressive Rex.  In excellent condition.  Measures about 1¼” across.

Outstanding brochure for the Victoria and Asia, which sailed on the Italy-Pakistan-India-Far East service of Lloyd Triestino. Dating to July, 1959, this booklet runs 36 pages with 57 on-board and exterior photos (most in color)… read more ›

Dated September, 1969, this tissue deck plan folds open to 19″ x 14″ and shows both classes.  In very good condition.  Lloyd Triestino is as popular as it is hard to come by!

Tissue plan, measuring 38″x 27″, for all passenger accommodation.  The plan is dated June, 1955.  In excellent condition.  One of Italy’s longest-serving and best-loved ships.

Glossy deck plan in Italian and English dated January, 1962.  Getting late for this famed and long lived liner.  Seven photos.  Very interesting photo showing the pre-war first-class dining room still intact.  Compare this to… read more ›