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Designed to withstand the high heat of an oven, these dishes were used for a very specific purpose.  In the “Empress” pattern.  Dates to the 1920’s and 1930’s and was used on Canadian Pacific’s far-east… read more ›

“Escape to a life of leisure….”  Desirable brochure for Canadian Pacific from the mid 1960’s.  Full-color fold-out with lots of interior photos.  Measures about 19″ x 24″ when unfolded.  In excellent condition.  Just restocked you… read more ›

A Canadian Pacific brochure for the “Newest White Empress and the Largest White Empress!”  Great cover graphics!  Sports a full-color cutaway, 16 color renderings, and 10 full-color photos.  Covers both first and second class.  She… read more ›

“Empresses of the Atlantic.”  First-class brochure for the ill-fated Empress of Ireland and her sister Empress of Britain.  They were the pride of Canadian Pacific’s fleet before the war.  24 pages (every single one of… read more ›

A beautiful and near-mint condition souvenir plate for the ill-fated Empress of Ireland.  Finding high-quality items like this from the Empress is really difficult to accomplish.  The plate measures about 7” across.

Large china serving dish by Royal Worcestor made of “fireproof porcelain.”  Marked with the steamship line’s logo.  Measures 10½” x 6¼”.  In excellent condition with no chips cracks or crazing.

Canadian Pacific Railway!  A third-class canvas ticket wallet for the eastern European market.  Dates to the pre-war period and has an image of the Empress of Ireland/Empress of Britain.  In excellent condition and quite rare!