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Norddeutscher Lloyd / NDL

Small bone-china ashtray sold on board the lovely ss Bremen, the record breaker which took the crown from the RMS Mauretania in 1929.  Measures about 3″ across and mint condition.

Real unpublished photo of the Bremen under construction.  This is a private photo that has been made into a post card.  Would scan quite well.  Unused and mint.

Silver pin dish hallmarked 885 (or 885 parts of silver per 1000).  Sterling silver is set by law at 925.  In its original box.  Dish measures about 3.75″ across and is in mint condition.

Intriguingly, the Germans could have been the first with a two-ship weekly service.  NDL’s Bremen and Europa were fast enough to do the round trip like the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth; however, they had… read more ›

Three fantastic snapshots of Columbus. She really looked sleek compared with her sister Homeric. The extra deck that was never added gave Columbus a low profile. Measures over 4″ x 3″. These would scan extremely… read more ›

Fantastic demi-tasse cup and saucer in a very high-quality bone china. From the pattern as used on the Bremen in the 1930’s, happily all the cups are actually marked with the date of manufacture as… read more ›

Unusual aerial view of the new Europa at dock in Hamburg. Oversize card that measures about 6″ x 4″. Unused and with statistics of the liner on the back.

Great photo card of the Europa sailing probably from Hamburg. Oversize card that measures about 5¾” x 4″. Written on in old German script and posted in, what looks like, 1931. She still has her… read more ›

Superb postcard of Europa racing past a light house. One of my favorite ocean-liner advertising images. The ship looks like she is about to leap out of the water! Excellent condition.

Cruise plan for the Europa (ex-Kungsholm). This was her second incarnation. After sailing for NDL for about 16 years, she became the Columbus C and sank in Cadiz, Spain, after hitting the breakwater in 1984…. read more ›

A complete sheet of 24 buttons from Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL).  Mint condition and still wrapped in the original packing.  Use them on your own sports c

Straight from the on-board gift shop and likely dates to the post-war resurgence era after 1958.  These brass cufflinks would dress up any collector or collection.  Measures about 1″ across the face.  In very good… read more ›

Like a lot of our favorite collectibles, one could say “these used to be much more common.”  A 1950s or 1960s lapel pin from NDL.  Measures about 1″ across and mint.

Cute sterling-silver souvenir spoon from Norddeutscher Lloyd.  Pre WWI, and like many of the fine German souvenir spoons of this era, beautifully enameled with the company house flag.  Measures about 4″ long.

Dating from the 1930’s, this pattern was probably used on the Bremen. Measures over 4″ x 7″ and stands 2″ tall. Like most good German china, it was made in Bavaria in this case by… read more ›