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Hamburg America / HAPAG

Very nice lapel pin for the Hamburg American Line.  I’ve never had another.  Measuring 1″ in diameter, the clasp is in perfect shape.

Ultra-rare, solid-bronze medallion for the ss Imperator of Hamburg America Line.  Dates to her maiden voyage.  Imposing portrait of the Kaiser on the reverse and a fine image of the ship on the front.  Marked… read more ›

Absolutely stunning model of the HAPAG liner ss Imperator.  Although I usually don’t deal with modern items, this model is so lovely, I couldn’t resist.  Extremely detailed right down to the famous eagle on her… read more ›

Ballin’s pre-war trio for HAPAG.  ss Imperator, ss Vaterland, and ss Bismarck.  Unfortunately, two of them were only in service a few years before the outbreak of World War I, and the third was finished… read more ›