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Whatever happened to all the old car clubs?  I am sure, if one were a car collector, there might still be some around, but I don’t think I have seen too many metal and enamel… read more ›

Very nice lapel pin for the Hamburg American Line.  I’ve never had another.  Measuring 1″ in diameter, the clasp is in perfect shape.

Ultra-rare, solid-bronze medallion for the ss Imperator of Hamburg America Line.  Dates to her maiden voyage.  Imposing portrait of the Kaiser on the reverse and a fine image of the ship on the front.  Marked… read more ›

Absolutely stunning model of the HAPAG liner ss Imperator.  Although I usually don’t deal with modern items, this model is so lovely, I couldn’t resist.  Extremely detailed right down to the famous eagle on her… read more ›

Great real-photo card of the Imperator, still sporting that massive eagle, taken from a departing tender. Super view! In great condition.

Ridiculously cool real-photo postcard of Imperator (probably in Southampton) during the short time as a Cunarder before she was renamed Berengaria. Part of the writing on the back reads: “Imperator, Cunard Co, July 25 –… read more ›

Ballin’s pre-war trio for HAPAG.  ss Imperator, ss Vaterland, and ss Bismarck.  Unfortunately, two of them were only in service a few years before the outbreak of World War I, and the third was finished… read more ›

Silk souvenir handkerchief from Imperator’s brief pre-war period.  Now over 100 years old.  It is nearly gossamer like in its delicateness and is in mint condition.  Measures about 11” x 11”

Boy, did the Germans do great on-board souvenirs!  Easily one of the most impressive souvenir spoons I have ever seen for the Imperator (or any ship for that matter!).  Measuring nearly 5.5″ in length, the… read more ›

Spectacular 32-page brochure for the HAPAG’s Vaterland,  Nice brochures for her don’t show up very often because of her short service life for HAPAG, and this is one I’ve never seen before!  Printed on glossy… read more ›