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Imperator Postcard Set

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Ballin’s pre-war trio for HAPAG.  ss Imperator, ss Vaterland, and ss Bismarck.  Unfortunately, two of them were only in service a few years before the outbreak of World War I, and the third was finished for White Star in 1922.

They had some of the most impressive interiors ever put into liners.  I have had some of the cards from this set off and on over the years but never all the cards at once.  These real-photo postcards of the huge ss Imperator really showcase her in an amazing way.  Some of my favorite photos show the children’s dining room, the gym, the fireplace in the smoking room, and the elevators and candy shops in her main staircase.  There are 19 in all, and all are unused and in excellent condition.  Its HAPAG’s fabled Imperator in one neat package.  Like getting a tour of the ship.

From the collection of Charles Evans, a high ranking US naval officer who traveled extensively in the teens and 20s, sailing on the Imperator before the war and White Star’s RMS Olympic in 1921.