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Passenger List

Rarely seen and much-sought-after passenger list from the RMS Carpathia, rescuer of the Titanic survivors less than two years after this list was printed.  Dated July 7, 1910, this first-class list is for her voyage… read more ›

A second-class passenger list for the RMS Cedric’s crossing from Liverpool to New York, Valentines Day, February 14, 1906.  Captain Cameron in command, and the surgeon is W.F.N. O’Loughlin of Titanic fame.  The cover is… read more ›

Fine second-class Lusitania passenger list for her voyage from Liverpool to New York on 30 December 1911 with the ever-popular Captain James Charles in command.  Aquitania is listed as “building.”  Some foxing throughout.

Second-class passenger list for the Normandie’s voyage from Le Havre to New York via Southampton.  Sailing date was July 7, 1937.  1,112 passengers on board.  Back shows where it had been attached to an album.

Superb graphics on the cover of this passenger list for White Star’s finest 19th Century ship, the RMS Oceanic.  The last ship conceived and built under the guidance of the line’s founder, Thomas Ismay, Oceanic… read more ›

Tourist-class passenger list for the August 12, 1936, crossing from New York to Southampton with Captain Peel in command.  This is the last crossing before she took the Blue Ribbon for the first time!  Lovely… read more ›