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Unusual American President Lines ashtray as used onboard in the 1950’s.  Not the typical shape seen.  Included is a mint-condition set of original matches.  Measures about 4”. A triangular shaped ashtray is also available for… read more ›

Copper ashtray probably dating to the 1920’s as used on the big 3 RMS Mauretania, Aquitania, and Berengaria. These used to be much more common and are extremely tough to source now, especially in this… read more ›

One of the most iconic ashtrays used by any ocean-liner company.  The only one that might be better known is the ss France funnel ashtray.  Known throughout the collecting world as a “toilet” ashtray given… read more ›

Only in her first year of service did Queen Mary sport in-service ashtrays that were emblazoned with her name.  Like the ones on Normandie with her name, Cunard White Star found that these ashtrays quickly… read more ›

Very impressive ashtray with match holder.  Proudly marked Canadian Pacific Steamship services.  “World’s Greatest Travel System”. Dates 1920s by the style of it.  In excellent condition.  Measures about  5″ across the weighted base and 4″… read more ›

Reverse-painted butterfly-wing souvenir from the on-board gift shop of the famous RMS Empress of Scotland.  Must date to her brief time as the premier ship for Canadian Pacific from 1950-1957.  In excellent condition.

Everyone loved these art deco ashtrays when they were introduced on the Normandie. So much so that many of the Normandie’s were swiped as souvenirs. Because of this the French Line was forced to remove… read more ›

Lovely portrait ashtray from this famous French liner.  Measures about 4.5″ in diameter.  Marked on the back “Orchies Moulin des Loups & Hamage, France.”  A touch of crazing here and there.

Ashtray for the American President liner ss President Wilson, the famous vessel built just after the end of WWII.  In very good condition measuring about 3½”.

Fascinating ashtray manufactured by the same firm that made RMS Queen Mary’s real propellers.  Not always in the best of condition but this one cleaned up nicely.  Highly sought after and not often seen.  Grab… read more ›

Elkington-plate ashtray used on board the White Star Line.  Not a souvenir.  This is an in-service silver ashtray.  Date coded to 1929.  Perhaps made for the new RMS Britannic which came out in 1930 or… read more ›