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    Normandie First-Class “Slide” Deck Plan

    The French Line really went all out on intriguing deck plans for the Normandie.  This is a cool plan where a small card pulls out showing various spots on the ship.  You have a key code on the back which gives much detail about the locations shown.  Passenger's name and date of sailing on the back, 18 July 1935.  Very…
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  • Hl55m

    United States First-Class Smoking Room Chairs and Table

    A pair of what I consider the best chairs put on the greatest ship America ever produced.  Great two-tone leather in orange and dark brown.  Just think of all the famous people who sat in these chairs enjoying a drink, a smoke, and cards in convivial company while the fastest ship in the world raced across the Atlantic.  Did the…
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    Queen Mary “You Are Here” Deck Maps

    This is one of the best items I have ever found for Luxury Liner Row. "You are here" deck maps from Queen Mary.  Given the attitude of the owners of the QM at the time of the conversion, it was always assumed that these plans  were simply tossed into a scrap bin, but I am happy to say that they…
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  • IMG_3454

    Olympic Silver Souvenir Basket

    Cute silver-plated souvenir candy dish from RMS Olympic.  In very good condition with lovely enamel logo.  Measures about 4” in diameter.  These can be seen for sale in her barber shop.  Quality souvenirs for Olympic are, as you all know, highly sought after.  This one is a centerpiece to any collection.  See archival.
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    United States Chair, Staff Captain’s Office

    What an superb piece!  Lots of people have furniture from the ss United States, but how many people can say they have the "captain's" chair?  Well, now you can!  Fully marked on the bottom as coming from the Staff Captain's Office.  The chair is sturdy and ready to be used in your own office or ocean-liner memorabilia room.  The upholstery…
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