• Oregon, Dinner Plate

    Impressive and rare intact dinner plate brought up from the wreck of the ss Oregon in the 1990s.  This is the last of the four plates I bought that are not broken.  A wonderful and hard-to-find addition to any Cunard Steam Ship Company collection. Until you handle a lot of Cunard 19th century china (and there are precious few people…
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  • Caronia (1949) Writing Room Architectural Mirror Panel

    The writing room on the RMS Caronia was an excellent example of Cunard Art Deco and British ocean-liner decor.  It also in many ways straddled the line with a softer look that anticipated the 1950s.  This stunning mirrored panel is one of a pair that formed the main decorative architectural feature of the space. The room, including this panel, was…
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  • Queen Elizabeth Life Ring

    This is one of those items that will set your collection apart from others.  An original on-board life ring from the Queen Elizabeth.  Measuring about 29" in diameter, this life ring has a special history to it.  It comes from the estate of Ron Johnson, who started his career with Cunard in 1926 and retired in 1971 as the Manager…
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  • Normandie Lifejacket

    I’m pleased to be able to offer this life jacket from France’s greatest liner.  Canvas over cork with “Normandie, Le Havre” stenciled on it.  Needless to say these are quite rare.  All the ties and buckles in very good condition.  Some very slight staining on the canvas.  Displays wonderfully.  I tried it on, and it fits!
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  • Deck Map, “You Are Here”

    This is one of the best items I have ever found for Luxury Liner Row. "You are here" deck maps from Queen Mary.  Given the attitude of the owners of the QM at the time of the conversion, it was always assumed that these plans  were simply tossed into a scrap bin, but I am happy to say that they…
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