• IMG_7100

    Queen Mary Maiden Voyage Large Ashtray

    Only in her first year of service did Queen Mary sport in-service ashtrays that were emblazoned with her name.  Like the ones on Normandie with her name, Cunard White Star found that these ashtrays quickly disappeared as souvenirs.  They were rapidly replaced with ones that simply had the company name on them.  Ashtrays like this with the ship's name were…
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  • IMG_7126

    19th-Century Cunard Soup Bowl

    Dating to the 1880’s, this rare soup bowl is a tough pattern to acquire in good condition.  Proof that the pattern dates to the 1880’s lies in the fact that examples of it have been recovered from the sunken Cunarder Oregon which foundered off Fire Island in 1886.  This bowl is one I found while in the UK recently.  It…
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  • IMG_7125

    Caronia Staircase Sign

    Super-rare staircase sign from Caronia.  It could quite possibly be this exact sign shown in the archival on board.  See the archival on the Queen Mary for a similar sign as well.  I know of only two staircase signs that still exist, and the other is in my private collection.  This sign was taken off the ship in 1974 by…
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  • 59031

    Empress of Britain (1930) Commemorative Brochure

    Scarce brochure made to commemorate the sinking of the Empress of Britain on October 28, 1940. Runs 15 pages and includes not only a brief history of her life, but also photos of crew members and former famous passengers, including King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and a list of casualties.  A number of photo of her in both war…
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  • IMG_3454

    Olympic Silver Souvenir Basket

    Cute silver-plated souvenir candy dish from RMS Olympic.  In very good condition with lovely enamel logo.  Measures about 4” in diameter.  These can be seen for sale in her barber shop.  Quality souvenirs for Olympic are, as you all know, highly sought after.  This one is a centerpiece to any collection.  See archival.
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