• photo 16

    Aquitania Blueprint for Washbasin Backs

    Produced by the famous and still-operating Shanks Co., Ltd, this full-scale drawing shows the sink backs as proposed for the B Deck cabins on Aquitania.  They are very similar to those of Olympic and Titanic, and they should be because Shanks supplied bath ware to the White Star ships as well.  This is to real-time scale, i.e. the plan is…
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    Italia Pre-War Ashtray 1933

    Very early and fantastic art deco Italian Line ashtray with the crown for the House of Savoy.  These were used in the second-class smoking room on the Rex alone it seems.  I cannot find them in the Conti pictures at all.  Please prove me wrong!  :)  See archival for this type of art deco ashtray in use.  Measures 4¼" square. …
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  • 52491

    Majestic Souvenir Napkin Ring

    Early Art Deco style silver napkin ring as sold onboard the RMS Majestic.  Superb full-enamel corporate logo.  You knew you were on the largest ship in the world, and White Star owned her.  Just imagine the woman or man picking this up in the ship’s barber shop for someone back home.  In mint condition.
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  • 54004

    United States Chair, Staff Captain’s Office

    What an superb piece!  Lots of people have furniture from the ss United States, but how many people can say they have the "captain's" chair?  Well, now you can!  Fully marked on the bottom as coming from the Staff Captain's Office.  The chair is sturdy and ready to be used in your own office or ocean-liner memorabilia room.  The upholstery…
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  • 50193

    Queen Mary Gold Foil Brochure

    The much-sought-after and highly desirable "gold foil" brochure for first class on the Queen Mary.  Since the brochure is dated March 15, 1937, I have always wondered why Cunard waited a year to put out this stunner for their great new ship.  Perhaps they felt competition from Normandie's foil brochures.  Sporting 28 pages and loads of glorious full-color images.  This…
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