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RMS Queen Mary Visit

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January, 2010

One of the best parts of this business is being able to go on buying trips to search out rare and unusual ocean-liner memorabilia.  I often go on successful buying trips in California, and while there, I always stay a few nights on Cunard’s majestic Queen Mary.  My visit in January, 2010, was no exception, but what was exceptional was the situation I found when I got on board.

At that time a new operator of the ship was doing some much needed refurbishment.  Fortunately for me, the project they were working on during my stay was re-carpeting all the hotel rooms on Main Deck.  As a result, I got a chance to go in and check out every cabin and suite on both the port and starboard side of Main Deck.  Best of all, I had my camera.  It was a rare treat.  Aside from today’s maids and a few stewards back in the 1960’s (and maybe a couple of you on this list!), practically no one can say they have been in every cabin on Main Deck.  Check out a few photos from this trip below.

You can click any of them for a larger version.