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United States Bedspread, Duck Suite

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Extremely rare and, I might add, quite lovely comforter with a butterfly motive from the ss United States.  What makes this one especially important is it is the bedspread from the Duck Suite.  Even better, I have both from this cabin.  If you don’t believe the apocryphal story about the Windsors bringing their own linens, then the Duchess of Windsor slept under this.

One thing that was confirmed to me by going through hundreds and hundreds of pieces of linen from the Big Ship last summer was how the various classes enjoyed an escalating scale of luxury when it came to the soft furnishings, particularly the suites.  Instead of a bedspread, the suites got silky lined comforters and far nicer drapes.  It makes sense as you certainly paid United States Lines for it.  Happily these bedspreads are in excellent shape and can be used straight away in your home.  Don’t you love the butterflies?  Needless to say, an important artifact from the ship and a real treasure for one of you.  The price is per item.