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Straight to us from the 1984 auction held on board the ship via the Dr. Sarah Forbes collection.  This is a complete bathroom setup of fittings.  Included are two types of coat hooks, and one each face/hand towel bar, toilet paper holder, bath towel bar, thermos holder, back of door clothes hook, and even the bottle opener.  You, of course, understand that if you wanted a drink in your cabin there were no plastic twist top bottles then!  I have incorporated many of these items into my own home and use them all the time.  See photo.  Extremely high-quality American-made items.  Impress your ship friends and have conversation pieces for your non-shippy acquaintances.  To find a whole set together at once is unheard of but in this case I have several sets available so inquire if you want more of one particular item.

For that matter, if you would like individual items from this grouping, write to me and ask about price and availability.