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Beautifully patterned linoleum floor tiles in alternating shades of green and cream as used on board the Olympic.  Archival photographs of the liner’s interior show these tiles in use in the barber shop and other public areas.  Tiles of this identical pattern have been recovered from the wreck of the Titanic.  Each tile is approximately 6″ square.

These tiles come to us by way of the Haltwhistle factory.  When removing the carpet at the factory, the owner was surprised to find that, under the carpet, the floor was laid with tiles from the Olympic.  Even more surprising was that under the tiles was a sub-floor made out of her decking!  What a treasure trove.  Despite the large size of the factory and the large amount of fittings removed from it and sold, there is still no glut of fittings on the market.  The voracity of Olympic collectors is well known, and huge quantities of fittings have been vacuumed up into private hands.  Here is your chance to get a stunning tile for your collection and at prices not too much changed from the auction in 2004.  Please remember that these are 100 years old, and all have some blemishing.

The care and time Harland & Wolf craftsmen spent 100 years ago to outfit these ships is amazing. It is mind boggling to me to think of someone sitting around and cutting out each section of linoleum thousands and thousands of times to get our favorite ships ready for service.

As we get further and further from the auction, these tiles are getting harder to find.  I have green on cream tiles (first photo) and cream on green tiles (second photo) available. The third photo shows the tiles before and after cleaning.  You can chose either style.