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SS Olympic Starboard Running Light

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And now ladies and gentlemen, for one of you, take a look at the new centerpiece of your collection!  Olympic’s brass starboard running light.

Purchased at the 1935 Olympic auction, this light found a home at the Marquis of Granby Hotel in Lincolnshire, England.  There it remained in a place of honor above the paneling from the ship along with numerous other fittings from Olympic scattered throughout the hotel.  The fittings from Olympic were sold during a remodel of the hotel.

Measures 10″ x 12½” x 12″ and complete with its Fresnel lens glass (which, although chipped with a crack, is still very solid).  One wonders what happened to her mast light and port running light?  Just behind the Fresnel lens (inside the light) is a layer of green glass which shows us that this is the starboard light.

It comes complete with the original reflector.  Note the round viewing hole in the back in the fifth photo so that a crewman could see that the light was operating.  It’s easy to understand why Olympic stands in for Titanic for the modern-day collector.  Here’s a chance to own what is obviously a one-of-a-kind item as the other two starboard running lights from the Olympic-class liners are both on the bottom!

One of the finest pieces I have ever offered!  And needless to say, an outstanding opportunity for one of you! 

(Marquis of Granby Hotel photo courtesy of the Titanic Historical Society and Titanic Museum.  Captain E.J. Smith photo courtesy Ken Marschall.)