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Silver, Ashtray

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Over the years, as you can imagine, I have handled a lot of White Star Line silverware.  Hundreds and hundreds of pieces in my personal collection, the items that have sold on Luxury Liner Row, and many large and notable White Star Line collectors private collections.  Out of habit I have always examined the markings and date codes whenever I see any pieces.  Intriguingly, some of that “research” has yielded evidence for how far towards completion as a passenger liner the Britannic of 1914 got before going down in the war.  I have seen several items of company silver with a hallmark of 1915 which might have been the order placed before the war, anticipating a early 1915 entry into service.   This silver was produced and delivered to White Star, but much of it never ended up on board.  Also somewhat interestingly, much of the 1915 silver is quite often in excellent condition, which is slightly suggestive to me that it was sold off post war along with the bulk of other fittings from Britannic.  That’s somewhat odd to me considering it could have been held back and worked into many other White Star ships, but the evidence is compelling….

This ashtray is in excellent condition with only the slightest wear around the rests and was made by Elkington and dated 1915.  It measures about 5.5″ across.  Hold a bit of history in your hand!