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Olympic, Floor Tile

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Here’s an incredible opportunity for one of you to add to your collection an amazing tile from a first-class corridor on RMS Olympic.  Back in 2004, there was an auction of all the fittings from a paint factory in Haltwhistle, England, that had been outfitted with fittings from this famous White Star liner.  I purchased hundreds of items, keeping the best for myself. Of all the corridor tiles I bought at the Haltwhistle auction, this is the best and has been in my collection for nearly 20 years.  I now no longer have room to display it so I’m passing it along to one of you.  Not only is this one complete and uncut (most at the factory had been cut in half), but it still has its four corner pieces!  A true rarity!  See the archival photo for these tiles in situ in one of the forward corridors on D Deck.  The tile comes in a metal frame and is covered in plexiglass.  The frame measures 21.5″ square.