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Normandie, Fabric Swatch, Salon de Lecture

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An amazing survivor and simply one of the rarest items I have ever had from CGT’s ss Normandie!  A swatch of fabric from her Salon de Lecture.  Used while the final decisions were being made for her decoration, this piece still has the original identification tags as well as two additional pieces of fabric pinned to it to show how the fabrics went together.  The other two bits were used for wall coverings and drapes.  The French Line really went all out on these remarkable fabrics.

Measuring about 30″ x 24″, it is amazing that something like this has survived the decades.  A true rarity and one that speaks for itself!  Originally sold by Ken Schultz decades ago, this finally has come back on the market and will, no doubt, be snatched up soon!  To quote the late Mr. Schultz: “Rare as hen’s teeth!”

Archival photo courtesy of Anthony DiMattia and the Byron Collection.