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Normandie Brochure, 1939 Rio Cruise

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So would you or wouldn’t you sail on this cruise?  That was the question prospective passengers were faced with when choosing to sail on this ss Normandie voyage.  The 1938 cruise had been popular enough for CGT despite the VAST cost which limited the passenger list to those wealthy few who could have afforded the trip.  Because of the coming war, I suppose, this second Rio cruise was much less patronized.  What was the trip like?  24 days, 10,598 miles, 4 overnights in Rio, which coincided with the pre-Lenten Carnival the city is known for, and a smattering of “picturesque islands of the West Indies.”  The ship is described as a “truly extraordinary… cruise vessel.”  I’ll say!  This amazing brochure covers the ship as much as the ports with 18 pages of just the ship and 18 of the ports.

Perhaps the best cruise brochure ever done for any ship?  Certainly it could be claimed the Normandie Rio cruises prior to WWII were the most important cruises ever undertaken.  In very good condition with some slight darkening of the back cover. Ultra rare.