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Lusitania / Mauretania Brochure

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Amazing and highly sought after 32-page brochure for Lusitania and Mauretania in a very Art Nouveau style.  Contains 24 photos, and the brochure is unusual in that it tells us on what voyages all the images were taken.  Considering this is a Cunard-produced brochure, it amazes me how many of the photos are misidentified as Mauretania when they are Lusitania and vice versa.  Even the company couldn’t tell them apart!

To quote the brochure:  “The hulls below draught line are divided into 175 water-tight compartments, which make [the ships] unsinkable.”  Hmmm….  I wonder what Cunard would have said about this the day after Lusitania sank….

One of the finest brochures Cunard ever produced for these two flyers!  In very good condition with some small tears to the cover on the spine and edges.  Contents is fine.