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Lusitania Letter Written on Final Voyage

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Here’s your chance to own a museum-quality item!  A letter written on board the Lusitania’s last aborted voyage by second-class passenger Elsie Hardy, detailing her daily activities.  Saved from the sinking, this letter has some interesting and specific details about the last crossing.  For example, she discusses boarding the liner, losing a piece of luggage, the location of her dining room table, her table companions, and much, much more.

On two different types of Lusitania stationery, the letter runs seven pages.  The letter is in fair condition and has been taped back together where it was folded.  It has also separated at the seams and some of the edge is missing, but considering what it and its owner had been through, it’s amazing that it even survives and is still legible.

According to information Miss Hardy provided later, she had a camera with her and took some photos on board the day before the sinking.  How would you like to see those?  Here’s your chance to own a piece of history.