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Cunard White Star Champagne Bucket & Stand

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There’s silver, and then there’s silver.  This immense champagne bucket and stand was designed with a heavy base to keep it upright in rough seas.  Together these pieces measure over 18” tall.  The bucket is 8” in diameter at the upper rim and 9½” tall.  The stand is 13” tall.  Both produced by Elkington plate.  In the the pinewood pattern, the bucket and stand are each dated 1936.

You can see in the attached archival image the same type of bucket and stand in use on Queen Mary.

There are two dents in the rim and two dents in the base of the bucket.  Both of these could be fixed by a good silversmith.  The rest is in very good condition with the usual nicks, dings, and marks from use.  It’s a massive thing weighing about 15 pounds.  Also note the image before polishing.  It was coal black and took over 4 hours to polish.