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Cunard Post-1878 Platter

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I’m proud to offer yet another of the rarest Cunard china items that can be found.  This exceptionally rare platter in the “Sea Shell” pattern dates to the late 1870’s and straddles the time between when Cunard was privately held and became a publicly traded company in 1878.  Versions of this pattern can be found with no company name in the belted logo which date to before the incorporation.  Also seen are post-1878 examples, such as this one, with “Cunard Steamship Company Ltd” in the belt around the logo.  A lovely pattern and, needless to say, very hard to come by.  No chips, cracks, or crazing.

Measures 11” x 10” x 2″.  It is so exceedingly rare that years will go by before you see another piece at any price.  What a centerpiece for your collection!