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China, Turquoise-and-Brown Creamer

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One of the nicest pieces of White Star china in the turquoise-and-brown pattern available.  Lovely creamer with a full hand-painted White Star house flag on the front.  This pattern was used on board White Star ships from 1889 to the 1930’s.  Stands about 3″ tall.  All of the turquoise tendrils of the pattern are complete with no loss of color, and the creamer is in excellent condition.  Has the tiniest flea bite out of the rim, and when displayed, it is hardly noticeable.

This item comes from the collection of Ron Johnson, Operations Manager of Cunard in New York.  He started with the company in 1926 and retired in 1971.  I ask myself if this china might have still been knocking around the Britannic when she left service in 1960.  Mr. Johnson had a major affinity for the old White Star liner and saved a number of things from her last trip.  I wonder if he got this creamer from the ship at that time.