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Carpathia China, Salvaged Third-Class Soup Bowl

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Wow!  What can I say?  I try to bring you the rarest of the rare, and this certainly qualifies!  Back in 2007, very limited salvage work was done on the Cunard liner Carpathia of Titanic fame.  A number of items were brought to the surface, including a few pieces of Cunard china that are instantly recognizable with the rampant lion logo.

When recovered, all the items were professionally conserved, and this is one of the only intact pieces of Cunard china to be sold.

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by PH Nargeolet, the expedition leader, who is well known for his association with the salvage of RMS Titanic.  What better certification can you get than that?  Certificate includes information about how the item was salvaged as well as specific coordinates of where it was lying when recovered.

Nothing else is being brought up from Carpathia so for one of you, an exceptionally rare opportunity.