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Caronia Staircase Sign

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Super-rare staircase sign from Caronia.  It could quite possibly be this exact sign shown in the archival on board.  See the archival on the Queen Mary for a similar sign as well.  I know of only two staircase signs that still exist, and the other is in my private collection.  This sign was taken off the ship in 1974 by the woman in charge of the sale of the ship’s fittings.  I am so glad she wanted it because, otherwise, it would have certainly gone down with the ship in Guam.  I purchased it directly from her, and it has been in her collection for 40 years.  As you pass this on your own stairs, you can dream of ascending to the Garden Lounge or the Cruise Office.  See the archivals for similar signs on Queen Mary and perhaps this very sign on Caronia.  Measures about 12″ x 10″. There are some age bubbles and some light scratching, but they really don’t detract.  Unlike a lot of items, you don’t even have to frame this.  It was meant to be screwed right to the wall.