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RMS Queen Mary Visit

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January, 2010

One of the best parts of this business is being able to go on buying trips to search out rare and unusual ocean-liner memorabilia.  I often go on successful buying trips in California, and while there, I always stay a few nights on Cunard’s majestic Queen Mary.  My visit in January, 2010, was no exception, but what was exceptional was the situation I found when I got on board.

At that time a new operator of the ship was doing some much needed refurbishment.  Fortunately for me, the project they were working on during my stay was re-carpeting all the hotel rooms on Main Deck.  As a result, I got a chance to go in and check out every cabin and suite on both the port and starboard side of Main Deck.  Best of all, I had my camera.  It was a rare treat.  Aside from today’s maids and a few stewards back in the 1960’s (and maybe a couple of you on this list!), practically no one can say they have been in every cabin on Main Deck.  Check out a few photos from this trip below.

You can click any of them for a larger version.


  • Stephen Ballantine

    Visited last time in 2007 i think and still didn’t see it all. I think a lot has been locked away from the average day visitor.
    The impression I had was how dark the ship must have been internally on several decks that have dark veneers along the passageways – and this would have been 1st class.
    Imagine all that creaking timber in a rough sea!
    I stayed aboard years ago in 1979 as a treat.
    I read a comment from one of the Dining Room stewards that they (the Queens) were merely hotels moving across the ocean weekly and there seems to be little in the way of close personal service one might expect.
    Looking forward to spending 7 days crossing on the QM2 in September – i’ll be able to make my own judgements!