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President Coolidge & President Hoover Entry-Into-Service Brochure

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16-page stunning entry-into-service brochure for the Dollar Steamship Lines’ President Coolidge and President Hoover.  Dates to 1931 and states that the ships will be in service soon.  Dollar Line was rightly proud of these two modern Art-Deco beauties.  Sadly they would be caught up in greater events with Dollar Line suffering financially because of the escalating and near constant state of war in the Pacific in the 1930s.  The Hoover is interesting as she was named for a sitting President at the time she entered service.  She was lost in a storm running aground of Taiwan in 1937.  The Coolidge was famously lost to a mine in 1942 and is still diveable.  Dollar Lines went belly up in 1938 and was reorganized into American President Lines, keeping the Presidential nomenclature.  Lavishly illustrated with renderings of the ships since they were not complete yet.  Route maps, the on-board stock exchange, beauty salons, children’s play rooms, and even the garage are all shown.  In very good condition with some scuffing and slight discoloration to the inside and outside of the covers.