Here’s a selection of various ship sites that you might want to visit.

Olympic & Titanic

Mark Chirnside’s Reception Room  A very well researched site addressing unusual or misunderstood aspects of the great Atlantic Liners.

Titanic International  The Official web site for TI.  Check it out.

A Spode China Blog  By Pam Wooliscroft the former curator of the Spode Musuem.  This link takes you to her Titanic china entry.

Other Ship-Related Links

Maritime Artist Robert Lloyd  A superb site showcasing the spectacular art work of Robert Lloyd, one of the greatest maritime artists working today.  Make sure to check out his work.

Maritime Artist Simon Fisher  Check out his site offering his prints for many of our favorite liners.  I particularly like his RMS Lusitania in Liverpool but there are lots more to choose from.

Caronia Timeline  A spectacular timeline with tons of information compiled by a former crew member.  A must see!

Lost Liners  A German site chronicling the history of the great liners.

New Jersey Maritime Museum  Dedicated to the preservation of New Jersey maritime history.

United States Lines  An educational website about the United States Lines and its history.

Alternative Visions   A must see for anyone seriously interested in the RMS Queen Mary.  Great photos and good ideas on how to restore and use the ship today.

Skipscd  A Norwegian also in English site about coastal ships like the Hurtigruten.

Unseen Lusitania  An informative blog about this great liner.

The Past and Now – Cruising The Past  Michael von Grace developed a lifelong interest in travel in his youth.  In the mid-80s, Michael worked as a writer on the TV Hit Series THE LOVE BOAT.  I’m sure you will enjoy his fantastic blog about liners, travel, trains, history, etc.  Check it out!

Swedish American Line  A historical site dedicated to the great Swedish American Line

Bill Miller At Sea   Bill’s site about this most famous of ocean liner authors/lecturers.  Take a look at his schedule and see if he will be speaking on your next cruise!

Atlantic Liners A great site by Kent Layton with lots of information on the great liners.

SS United States Conservancy The ss United States completed her record breaking maiden voyage over years ago in July of 1952. For now this sleek liner is still with us, check her out.

Australis  The lovely America ended her career as a Australian emigrant ship and then tragically ran aground while being towed to the Orient for use as a hotel ship.  Read about her saga here.

The Great Ocean Liners  Covering liners from the 1830s to the 1960s.  A must see.

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