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Luxury Liner Row’s YouTube Channel

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Welcome to Luxury Liner Row’s YouTube channel.  Over time I will be uploading a selection of never-before-seen films on YouTube of historic ocean liners.

You can visit the channel directly here.

The first video I have uploaded is in memory of my good friend and Queen Mary collector Craig Anderson, showing the Queen Mary sailing from New York on her final transatlantic voyage, 22 September 1967.  This film was shot from a Moran tug as she followed the Mary out of New York for the last time.




  • Frank Trumbour

    Thank you for putting this video up for all to see. The great Queen Mary was beautiful from every angle. There has never been an unflattering photo or footage of her. She was loved by all who had the privilege of sailing in her…….or seeing her…..when she was in service. And now, she is loved by all who visit/have visited her in Long Beach. You choice of music to accompany the video is perfect.