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Passage rates for the Swedish America Liners ms Kungsholm, ms Gripsholm, and ss Drottningholm.  For that last truncated summer season of 1939….  Prices weren’t bad — $150 to Germany on my pick, the Drottningholm, which… read more ›

First- and second-class deck plan for the Swedish America Line’s “New De Luxe ms Kungsholm”  Dated 1953 and thus from her maiden-voyage era.  Sports five renderings.  Measures about 27″ x 23″ when open.

Souvenir pin dish inlaid with silver in their famous three-crown logo.  Measures about 3″ x 3″ and in excellent condition.  Made by our Swedish friends Gustavsberg.

A selection of Swedish American Line souvenir china by famed Swedish china maker Gustavsberg.  Both the vase and tooth pick holder (or cigarette holder) are included in this set.  Beautifully made and inlaid with the… read more ›

What a rarity.  A first- and second-class deck plan for the ms Stockholm.  She’s listed as “new,” and it is dated December, 1947.    Stockholm was justifiably the pride of the famous Swedish American Line. … read more ›

Rarely do you see large silver items from the tables of Swedish American Line.  This sugar shaker is a fantastic example of the on-board silver service, most likely from the era of Kungsholm & Gripsholm. … read more ›