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Lovely ashtray as used on board.  Measures about 4″ in diameter.  Used on board the Ryndam and Maasdam in the 1950’s.  Made in Holland.  Back stamped NASM.  Excellent condition.

China asparagus dish in the pattern used onboard Rotterdam V.  NASM logo.  Mint condition with no chips, cracks, or crazing.  Measures about 8″ long.

Not too often seen, this pattern is rumored to have been used on the Ryndam and Maasdam in the 1950’s.  Here’s an egg cup that is near mint.  No chips, cracks, or crazing.  Stands about… read more ›

Highly sought-after yet rarely seen ashtray as used on board the beloved liners of Holland America.  Very heavy!  Weighs about 3 pounds.  Excellent condition, the best I have ever seen!  These never turn up in… read more ›

First-class and tourist-class plan for this beloved pair.  9 photos.  When opened, measures 45″ x 8½”.  Text is in English, French, German, and Dutch.  Dates to June, 1961. Mint.

Maasdam and Ryndam were very interesting ships.  They had the full-on 1950’s interior look of the Rotterdam and Statendam but in a much smaller and more compact size.   This deck plan is fully color-coded and… read more ›

Mint condition silver creamer made by the famous French firm Christofle and brokered by Van Zwanenburg.  Strong, clean NASAM logo with no loss to the silver plate.  A nice addition to any serious Holland America… read more ›

Silver sugar bowl brokered by Van Zwanenburg and in very good condition.  It is mint except for a small scratch next to the Holland America logo.  Comes complete with its lid which is often missing. … read more ›

Cute little Holland American Line silver tea pot by Sola and brokered by Van Zwanenburg.  Holland America must have been very pleased with the service they got from their silver.  They used the same simple… read more ›

On-board butter knife.  Handle is silver; blade is stainless steel.  Has a slight “wave” to the end of the blade.  Otherwise excellent.

Pre-World War I silver demi-tasse spoon.  Very clear logo with just a touch of plate loss on the bottom of the bowl where it rests.  The style reminds me of what was to come on-board… read more ›

Silver demi-tasse spoon made by Elkington and date marked 1949.  Measures just over 4” in length.  No plate loss.  Very good condition. Good old Elkington, so easy to date and so well made!  When I… read more ›

Bone china souvenir from the onboard gift shop.  Probably dates to the 1950’s or 1960’s.  Made by Royal Goede Waagen.  In excellent condition.  Stands about 3½” tall x 3½”.

Holland America Line brochure for the ss Statendam’s 1966 Orient and Pacific Cruise, which was a circumnavigation of the Pacific.  Full-color glossy images with numerous on board photos of life.  Also has the rate schedule… read more ›

Cute black-and-white brochure for the Statendam.  It shows her tourist- and first-class accommodation.  She was renowned for the quality of her tourist-class interiors.  This brochure shows why.  Excellent condition.

Preliminary plan for first and tourist class on the Statendam.  Dates to August, 1956, and measures 38″ x 8½”.  Of course, because it’s a preliminary deck plan, most of the illustrations are renderings except one… read more ›