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Greek Line

Absolutely mint coaster with a fantastic rendering of Olympia’s funnel.  Measures a little over 3″ in diameter.  A quantity available.

Luncheon plate in the tourist-class pattern from the Olympia.  Measures about 8¼” across.  Near-mint condition.  Looks like it has never been used.  2 available.

The Greek Line’s first ship, originally built as the Anchor liner Tuscania, she was acquired by the Greek Line in 1939.  Originally named Nea Hellas, she was renamed New York in 1955.  Withdrawn from service… read more ›

Bathroom soap sporting a rendering of Olympia’s funnel.  It still smells of soap as it should and feels like the bar is impressed with this logo although I have not opened to confirm this.  Measures… read more ›

Rarely seen toothpick holder with a Greek Line logo on the side.  Stands 1¾” tall.  No maker listed, but probably Steelite.  My favorite ship reviewer from the 1950’s said Olympia was “geared for the traveler-on-a-budget… read more ›

Nice Greek Line bowl.  Measures 4¼ across and stands about 2½” tall and made by Steelite.  In mint condition.  One reviewer in the 1960’s said that the Olympia was like “Tourist Class DeLuxe.”  2 available.

A small bowl from the tourist-class service of the Greek Line, probably from the Olympia (Regal Empress) or the Queen Anna Maria.  These two Greek liners were mostly tourist class and carried only about 140… read more ›

Side plate in the tourist-class pattern from the Olympia.  Measures about 6¼” across. 50% of Olympia’s tourist-class cabins had private baths, which was a rarity then.  Combined with air-conditioning and cheap rates, it is easy… read more ›