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Unusual American President Lines ashtray as used onboard in the 1950’s.  Not the typical shape seen.  Included is a mint-condition set of original matches.  Measures about 4”. A triangular shaped ashtray is also available for… read more ›

Cute and beautiful demitasse cup and saucer made by corning for American President Lines.  These are in near mint condition.  Highly useful as it easily stands up to dishwashers.  A small quantity available.

Large egg cup in the older pattern American President Line’s china dating from the 1950’s.  These so-called “double” egg cups have always intrigued me.  What type of egg was being used here?  Ostrich?  I am… read more ›

Rarely seen pre-war luncheon plates from American President Lines.  Three available, one marked Walker China and dated 2-39.  The other two by Wellsville China.  Measures about 7½” in diameter.  In excellent condition with only slight… read more ›

Ashtray for the American President liner ss President Wilson, the famous vessel built just after the end of WWII.  In very good condition measuring about 3½”.

Made by Corning and dating to the 1960’s, this bread plate is straight off one of the famous American President liners.  In excellent condition, it measures about 6” in diameter.  A small quantity available.  Highly… read more ›