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Rare doesn’t seem to explain the lack of interesting candid photographs of the  ss United States.  She was extremely well patronized, and once Congress allowed her to go on cruises, they were sold out as well.  So all of those well-to-do, and in many cases wealthy, vacationers most certainly would have had cameras.  Where are all the great shots?  I see far more for the Queens, for example, than I do for the Big Ship.  So imagine my happy surprise when I opened up this letter from 1982.  In it was details from the USL manager who was talking with another employee about a cruise on the ss United States in 1967.  He included two  photos and a couple of her in layup in Norfolk.  I really like the one of the United States and RMS Queen Elizabeth at the eastern edge of the Panama Canal.  A postcard of this meeting was also made and can be found once in a while.  Two are marked on the back 1967, and the two of her in layup are June 3, 1981.  All correspondence comes with the pictures on USL stationary.