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When I had the opportunity to clean out my storage units recently, I found a very special item.  This is one of the few intact dressing room mirrors from the swimming pool on board the ss United States.  This is from the men’s side and is marked as such.  When I was working with the estate of Dr. Forbes to clean out her storage, I found that she had 3 or 4 of these mirrors, which all had the original glass shelves to hold items from your pockets as you undressed.  I purchased one of the mirrors with its original glass shelf and was going to get more the following visit.  I should have bought more when I had the chance.

The auction house called me a few weeks later in desperation.  All the shelves had been removed from the mirrors to make them easier to ship and move around.  Sadly, the shelves had disappeared, and no one seemed to know where they had gone.  Thus this might be one of the only dressing mirrors to sport its original glass shelf.  Grab it for your home and use it the same way it was used on the ship.  Just think, without a doubt someone famous undressed in front of this glass.  John Wayne?  The Duke of Windsor?  Jimmy Stewart?  Oh, the stories it could tell.  Everyone needs and even deserves a full length dressing mirror.  In excellent condition and measures about 54″ X 24″, and the shelf stands out 11.5″.