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United States Chair, Third-Class Dining Room

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I have always thought these chairs were cool.  Very functional, but I love the handle!  The first time I ever saw or sat in one was over 20 years ago at the Windmill Point Restaurant, which was famous on the North Carolina Outer Banks for being entirely furnished with items from the Big Ship.

When the estate of Dr. Sarah Forbes (who owned Windmill Point) was being settled, I was asked to help clean out her storage units.  Her collection, while vast, was often in very poor condition so many decades after the 1984 auction.  One storage room was filled with hundreds of chairs which had been allowed to sit under a leaky roof for decades.  Sadly, this furniture was all destroyed as the chairs were stacked 4 high and many had fallen over knocking off legs and causing other damage.  All upholstery was black with mold and wet.  Still, I went through them all 2 or 3 times looking for any that could be saved.  There were many third-class chairs in storage, but not a single one could be salvaged.  Now fast forward to my obtaining a small quantity of third-class dining room chairs late last year.  I was pleasantly surprised to find them as they are now quite rare.  Much less common than first-class chairs, for example.  In very good condition with general wear from use, but in the original USL vinyl.  Two available, and price is per chair.