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This is the complete set of bridge paperwork for Voyage 390, June 10th 1969.  50 years ago!  When I say “complete,” I mean it.  This is in the original folder and bound as on the ship.  Extensive is not the word for this file!  This is a day-by-day following of the voyage with the bridge copied on everything coming out of all departments.

Far too much to list, but it includes (but is certainly not limited to):

Unfolded divine service pamphlets fresh from the print shop 50 years ago; likely a copy of every notice posted in the ship for all classes including crew; receipts for everything: beach bags sold, deck chairs and blankets rented, etc; amended lists of passengers including cabin numbers, all cabin changes including the reason why and the price charged; copies of the daily programs for all classes; crew notes for daily schedules including changes; invite lists to the crew cocktail parties; bridge form for the daily observations (filled in); medical reports; an incident report about a strange man going unwanted into a woman’s cabin TWICE; on and on and on.

One of the most interesting pieces I have ever had for her.