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Book, Shipyard at Saint-Nazaire Corporate History

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A stunning 80-page book written by the shipyard itself chronicling their first 50 years of amazing history.  In French, there is much detail about the war years, bombings endured by both sides, and the rapid recovery in which you can feel their pride, which I must say was completely justified.  The yard got back on its feet very rapidly, especially considering they started from literal rubble since the Germans blew everything up including all the cranes, the ships under construction, and they sank all the ships afloat.  Stunning to think this company built so many famous liners.  The French Line owed it all to them.  The Rochambeau, the France, the Paris, the DeGrasse, and of course, the unbelievable ss Normandie!  You name it; they built it.  A must have for CGT and Normandie fans.  Excellent condition.  Comes with the compliments card stating that it was presented by the shipyard.  Also comes with a shipyard bulletin from 1953.