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1911… The perfect year.  At least as far as White Star Line was concerned.  Things would never be quite the same again as they were that summer.   It was, after all, a summer that saw RMS Titanic launched and RMS Olympic enter service triumphantly as the largest and most luxurious ship in the world.  You can own a tiny part of those long ago halcyon days with this first-class menu from the Romanic dated June 11, 1911–three days before Olympic’s maiden voyage departure.  The standup folding style menu with Europa and Columbia separated by a five-pointed White Star is the same as used on Titanic.  In fact, some of the menu items were served on Titanic as well, including hors d’oeuvres variés, little neck clams, and let’s not leave out the lamb with mint sauce (“you like lamb, don’t you sweat pea?”).  In excellent condition.