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Passenger List, Maiden Voyage

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Return maiden voyage passenger list for the world’s most popular ship.  Dated June 5, 1936, this is a first-class list for her voyage from New York to Southampton.  The liner was filled with a veritable Who’s Who in Cunard history, including Sir Percy Bates, John Austin, Stewart Bale, Alfred Booth, Thomas Brocklebank, Lord Inverclyde, Ernest Leach, Stephen Pigott, as well as a smattering of Lords, Ladies, manservants, and maids.  Of special note are two Lusitania survivors — Mrs. Warren (Amy) Pearl and her daughter Audrey.  Contains all the typical on-board information you would need to know.  In excellent condition.

An interesting note is that when I met Audrey a few years before her passing, she mentioned that her entire family received a 25% discount from Cunard whenever they sailed with them as a result of the Lusitania sinking.  Audrey was the last living Lusitania survivor and passed away in 2011.