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Cymric Spoon, Souvenir

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White Star Line was beginning to think of the luxury market over that of speed records by the late 1890s.  Cymric is a link in a long chain leading to Olympic and Titanic.  She was at first going to be a cattle carrier/passenger liner.  This rather smelly combo was deemed not luxurious enough.   So she was redesigned as a large and luxurious ship with no concerns for speed records.  She became quite popular and profitable.  Despite her popularity, the amount of time that has passed since Cymric was in service as well as the limited number of souvenirs that must have been sold makes finding anything from her quite difficult.  In fact, this is the first item I have ever had from the Cymric.  Made in Birmingham, England, of sterling silver, the spoon is hallmarked 1912.  In excellent condition.