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Mauretania (1939) Souvenir, Launch

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I’ve always said that RMS Caronia was Cunard’s Art Deco masterpiece for many reasons, not the least of which is she’s my favorite!  Still, I am sure you will all agree that RMS Mauretania gave Caronia a good run for her money.  I see some foreshadowing of Caronia’s interiors in these images.  Mauretania was stunning both inside and out, and this full-color brochure proves it.

It was produced at the time of the launch of the “New” Mauretania in 1939.  Really well done with loads of info on the new ship and her namesake.  Also stuffed full of the best photos of her first- and second-class interiors.  She might have had the boldest and finest Art Deco interiors of any of the Cunarders.  Runs a generous 32 pages and includes an interesting cutaway.  I’ve put in lots of photos, but there is so much more in this almost magazine-like brochure.