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Mauretania (1939) Shipbuilder Magazine

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Her “bible” if you will.  I am pleased to be able to offer this special edition of The Shipbuilder magazine for Mauretania.  It is a treat just to browse through it!  Covers all things for the “New Mauretania” in great detail.  Have a specific question?  Need to know a technical detail?  Wish you had plans, side elevations, and specs?  There is nothing like the original.  It has a quality that a reprint just cannot touch.  The photos alone are quite impressive.  If you are a model maker or researcher, you need this book.  112 pages of text plus 64 pages of the fantastic ads which in themselves are worth the price of entry.  A total of 174 pages.  In excellent condition with the original paper magazine rebound into a hardback cover.