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“Flying Fish” is what Malolo means in Hawaiian and is a name I have always loved for a ship.  In fact, ss Malolo is my favorite of Matson’s big ships built between the wars.  I know I just heard a gasp from all you ss Lurline fans!  I also think it bares mentioning that she was the first big new build that the prolific designer William Francis Gibbs eventually churned out.  Apparently, though it was considered bad luck by native Hawaiians to name a ship Malolo, and in 1937 this lovely name was dropped, the ship being renamed Matsonia.

Dated August 20, 1928, from one of her early years of service.  This first-class tissue plan measures a whopping 40″ x 27″ when opened.  During a later refit, second class was all changed to first.  Sports 11 interior photos of the ship.  Some slight rust stains and holes at the folds but in remarkable shape considering its age and delicacy.  Never seen another.