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Majestic (1922), Brochure

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Really fabulous brochure for the RMS Majestic, White Star Line’s flagship and the largest ship in the world.  I have never had this one before, and I just love its cover art with Majestic proudly projecting from a large star.  This brochure likely dates from early in the ship’s career but was taken back and overprinted in the 1920’s with “Second Class Accommodation now Tourist Class,” which all the major lines were going in for in a big way.  Both first and second class covered in the brochure.  Despite its small pocket size, this brochure packs a big punch with a fold-out center spread of the ship and a lavish overview of her accommodations.  Brochure measures about 3.75″ x 5.25″, not counting the foldout.