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Lusitania Post Card, Last Completed Eastbound

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Unused postcard of the ss Lusitania.  This card is made special because it comes from the Thorp family who took the last completed eastbound crossing RMS Lusitania undertook in April of 1915, and it has quite a story behind them.  The husband and wife were very adventurous and decided they wanted to see the war first hand.  So they crossed on Lusitania.  Despite having to get a passport, register with the British police, register with the French Police, and go to the British and French consuls’ offices to get permission to go out to the front, in the end, they made it all the way up to the fighting.  The family was booked to return on the Lusitania on May 15, obviously a voyage they couldn’t take.  They changed their tickets to the May 8 crossing of the ss New York of the American Line.  Unused with a great background!