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Lusitania Passenger List, First Class

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Wartime passenger lists, especially those for Lusitania, must rank as some of the rarest items of paper from the 20th Century.  This highly sought-after first-class list is for Lusitania’s crossing from Liverpool to NYC on October 3, 1914.  Captain Dow in command.  The list is very full and sports a huge amount of maids and servants.  This was the traditional end to the high season with Americans returning home from Europe, but the traditional increase in traffic was pushed to epic proportions given the war.

This list is quite something given the notable names on board, including Solomon Guggenheim (brother of Titanic victim Benjamin Guggenheim), Mrs. F. Orr-Lewis (wife of Lusitania survivor Frederick Orr-Lewis), and five passengers and one crew member who were on board Lusitania for her final voyage on May 1, 1915– Survivors Eugene Posen, Thomas Slidell, F.W.A. Schwarte and victims Leo “Lee” Schwabacher, Henry Sonneborn, and Purser James McCubbin.

Also on board was James Pointon, the ship’s surgeon.  His life was saved seven months later when Lusitania sank because of illness.  He would have been on Lusitania’s final voyage but had taken ill and was replaced by Dr. James McDermott, who was lost in the sinking.

In excellent condition and quite attractive.