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Lusitania Log Book, Souvenir

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Much sought after log book from the RMS Lusitania.  These are part brochure and part log book you filled out yourself.  Thankfully our passenger filled them in for us.  Unfortunately, he neglected to put in a year!  After consulting Lusitania historian Eric Sauder, it turns out that this log book is for crossing No. 89 from Liverpool to New York, sailing on August 27, 1910.  She was putting up some impressive stats with day after day above 625 knots covered–over 26 knots per hour if my math is to be trusted.  A couple of days look much closer to 27 knots or in other words she was really living up to the moniker “the fastest vessel in the world.”  Seems our passenger was quite impressed with this speed he had paid for.  Perhaps it was a record crossing it seems like some records would have fallen on a day when nearly 650 knots were covered.  August was the time to try….  In very good condition.