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Last Log of the RMS Queen Mary

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The poor RMS Queen Mary.  Languishing away in Long Beach, ostensibly the worst-hit victim of Covid in the California-attraction industry but in reality suffering the 50-year-long hangover of exceedingly poor management.  Let’s hope she reopens soon.  Still, you can quite happily collect items from happier times in the ship’s long and fascinating history.  Here is just such an example.  The fame of the ship was such that everyone wanted to be a part of her farewell.  So Southampton City Council published her last log from the epic cruise from the UK to California.  The largest and longest log abstract in history?  Really, it isn’t an abstract at all as it contains all the details of the voyage just as written in her log.  An extensive and exhaustive minute-by-minute account of the ship’s final trip.

“You don’t have to be British to love the RMS Queen Mary,” New York City Mayor John Lindsay on the occasion of her last voyage from New York.