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Italian Line Brochure, “The Ship’s Cuisine”

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A very unusual brochure and one I have not seen before.  Describes the food service on board (in a very salesman-like way!).  Color photos of the dining rooms on the Conte Biancamano, Conte Grande, Vulcania, and Saturnia are included.  Throughout the brochure is a listing of various types of food found on the menus.  For example, salads, cold dishes, roast meat, sweets, vegetables, etc., and what you can expect to be offered on board.

21 images, and what’s best about this brochure is that it shows much of the china and silver in use.  For example, one photo shows a table set for tea.  Another shows a dining-room table set for breakfast.  It answered some questions I had about what certain pieces were used for!  Runs 24 pages.  Overall excellent condition with a touch of dirt on the cover.